Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We The People acting like We The Desperate :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Mary Mitchell

We The People acting like We The Desperate :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Mary Mitchell: "To insist that Obama is not a natural-born citizen in the face of evidence that proves otherwise feeds the paranoia of people who operate on the fringes.

These loonies -- like the skinheads from Tennessee who planned to dress up in coattails and top-hats and go on a racist killing spree before targeting Obama -- eat up conspiracy theories." Read more.


RatTrader said...

What a joke. Mary Mitchell is clueless and has no idea what she is talking about.

Dipity-do-dah said...

I just don't get the fact how the lefties always want to turn this into some racist issue!! HOW can they not see that this is a Contitutional issue???!!! It could be THEIR President also. Why don't THE OBAMA suporters want the truth to be known? WHY aren't they curious as to WHY he has spent $500,000 to stop the issue than the $12 to resolve it???

Baffles the mind!!!

aiya said...

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