Monday, December 8, 2008

Countdown video : SCOTUS declines Obama citizenship case

Countdown video : SCOTUS declines Obama citizenship case

The "Obamavision" spin-gig is up Keith and Arianna. The more you attempt to cover up this issue the more the truth is going to rear its ugly head and stand in condemnation of your actions. This issue will not go away. This issue is far bigger than Watergate and Whitewater and Monica Lewinsky combined. Obama has done absolutely nothing to address the many questions that remain unanswered regarding his birth records, his passport records, his college records, his selective service records and many other facts regarding his past that remain either opaque or sealed from public access.


RatTrader said...

Wow according to Keith you would think that the World Net Daily believes that Obama's Certification of Life Birth is the legitimate and Obama was born in Hawaii. Wonder why WND has not come out with their own story about this crap coming out of Keith O.

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