Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Berg v. Obama: Justice Souter Denies Injunction

The Right Side of Life » Blog Archive » Berg v. Obama: Justice Souter Denies Injunction: "Philip Berg, Plaintiff in Berg v. Obama, filed for an injunction to stop the Electoral College from having their votes cast by Monday, December 15.

Today, according to the case’s docket (see also “Supreme Court Info” on the top right sidebar), there is the following line:

Dec 9 2008 Application (08A505) denied by Justice Souter.

The Bulletin posted an article today regarding Berg’s case and had the following to say:

Mr. Berg’s lawsuit has not yet been scheduled for conference with the Supreme Court, although the Supreme Court justices will vote on another lawsuit originating in Connecticut on Dec. 12. In such a conference, hearings will be scheduled to a case should four of the nine justices vote to hear the case."

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