Friday, December 12, 2008

Real Life Politics -

Real Life Politics - "Richmond, Va.: Upfront, let me say that I was/am an ardent Obama supporter, so it is with dismay that I write of something that may be another one of those 'cover ups' that are worse than the act. It appears that to avoid being tainted by the Blagojevich scandal, David Axelrod has just fallen on his sword, backtracking on whether Obama had spoken to the Illinois governor about Obama's Senate seat. I really fear that this little 'revision' to what may have been a normal conversation between Obama and Blagojevic, will become a scandal in itself. Any thoughts?

Ruth Marcus: Don't think we have enough information to judge yet. Axelrod seemed pretty definitive in his first answer, but his denial was also pretty broad in terms of Obama never having discussed the issue with the Governor. But that leaves, it seems to me, a lot of legitimate questions: what other discussions were had at the below-president-elect level? Did the president-elect talk to anybody in the governor's orbit short of the governor?" Read more.