Monday, December 8, 2008

Keith Obermann show on MSNBC at 7 pm CDT Covering the "Right Wing Obamagate Conspiracy!"

Brad from IL shared the following:

Monday, December 8th, on the Keith Obermann show on MSNBC, he will go in depth to show how the "right wing conspiracy" is looking nuts trying to show Obama is not qualified to be President. His show comes on twice. Tune in if you can, and see and hear how he won't say the one "SIMPLE" thing to END all of this once and for all. Why won't "HIS MAN" just show the birth certificate??????????

Now one from me:

Keith, why has your man spent $500,000.00 since November 27th to stop anyone from looking at his birth certificate??????? Doesn't that bother YOU????????

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