Monday, December 15, 2008

Action For Today.....

Linda share the following:

Sometime today, the SC will make a decision on Leo's case. I suggest we all keep their phones busy. Call each justice. You probably will not get to talk to the but leave a message and let them know we are watchng. That we expect them to uphold our constitution and that this is not going away until Obama shows his documents.

The following is the info to call.


John G. Roberts Jr., Chief Justice of the United States

The Supreme Court Associate Justices are as follows:

John Paul Stevens
Samuel A. Alito Jr.
Antonin Scalia
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Anthony M. Kennedy
David H. Sauter
Clarence Thomas
Stephen G. Breyer


Public Information Office: 202-479-3211, Reporters press 1
Clerk's Office: 202-479-3011
Visitor Information Line: 202-479-3030
Opinion Announcements: 202-479-3360

If you call, report here who you talked to and what was said, message left, etc.