Friday, December 5, 2008

Obama Citizenship Challenged

President-elect Obama's citizenship is being questioned in a case appealed to the US Supreme Court. CNN's Kelley Arena reports. Click here to view the report. wrote:

Kelli Arena did NOT get her facts straight before reporting. It is this constant mistake that is making the question of Barack's eligibility so much more consternating. 1st.) Hawaii allowed out of Country births to be registered up to one year after the fact. Hawaiian officials have NEVER stated that Barack was born there, only that they have a copy of his "vault" birth certificate. By Hawaii's own laws, the COLB being presented by Barack is not proof he was born there, only that his birth was "registered" there.

2nd.) Obama also acquired Indonesian citizenship. As an adult, he traveled to Pakistan on an Indonesian passport. Indonesia does NOT recognize dual citizenship with the U.S., and therefore, his use of that passport as an adult is recognized by U.S. law as an acceptance of his Indonesian citizenship, and negates his U.S. citizenship.

3rd.) He is refusing access to his college records and registrations, which may PROVE his acceptance of foreign student status here in the U.S. If in fact, he was registered as a foreign student, his actions once again negate his U.S. citizenship. ALL reasonable questions regarding his citizenship MUST be answered. Barack REFUSES, therefore, Americans are asking that the SCOTUS, on behalf of "We the People" and our Constitution, conclusively verify Barack's eligibility BEFORE we admit a usurper to the White House. This is a MAJOR Constitutional crisis, and Barack MUST comply with the eligibility standards set forth by the Founding Fathers and the Constitution.

I would ask that you PLEASE ask Ms. Arena to correct her facts and issue an update, so viewers understand this situation.

It's time to write to CNN!! Click here for instructions and ideas!


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