Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Key(s) To The Obama Citizenship Puzzle

Away2play wrote:

I still say the KEY to this issue (below)....is NOT the birth certificate, but the DUAL citizenship he still holds, which makes him ineligible.

There is NO WAY that Obama could have traveled to Pakistan in 1981, when they were under Military Rule in 1981. Americans were NOT freely allowed to travel to Pakistan. However....he COULD have entered the country IF he was STILL a resident of Indonesia and NOT an American citizen (Indonesia does not allow dual citizenship, and we KNOW that Obama was an Indonesian resident in order to attend grade school there, which means his family would HAD to have renounced his American citizenship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

The other key will be in his college entrance papers. WHY are they sealed? Do those entrance papers show him to be a "foreign aid" student, and NOT even a resident of THIS country?????

See below.....AOL now has this NEWS story on their front page. If AOL is willing to report this, where is the rest of the media.

Sean....to coin your phrase "journalism is dead".....by refusing to report this news (and it IS news when Alan Keyes has also filed a lawsuit also).....sadly it would make each of you, equally complicit as the liberal, drive by media....for ignoring it.

Obama has hired 3 law firms to fight these lawsuits. Why?? What's he REALLY hiding.

This story should get some traction now since it's on the AOL front page news!:)

Be sure to read Andy Martin's latest column about this issue.

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