Friday, December 5, 2008

The Donofrio case: "natural born citizen" (not about Obama's birth certificate)

The Donofrio case: "natural born citizen" (not about Obama's birth certificate): "By Arlen Williams

Today, before the United States Supreme Court lies Leo Donofrio v. Nina Mitchell Wells, New Jersey Secretary of State. This suit was received by Justice Thomas, and by the determination of the entire court, it is scheduled for conference Friday, December 5. This conference is held to decide what, if any, further steps should be taken. Only two of these steps would be to either intervene in the process of selecting the president, or to hear oral arguments."

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Ted said...

Seems the Supreme Court is waiting to hear from me before issuing a decision on Donofrio, so here goes: While the Court is more than loathe to enter this dispute, currently it has no choice (thanks to the audacious one — and I don’t mean Leo, I mean Barack) and the ONLY WAY to bring closure, knowing CLOSURE IS ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL before any Presidential inauguration, is to back the original intent of the Constitution, meaning, Obama is NOT an Article II “natural born citizen” (albeit Obama may or may not be a “citizen”, a question heated by the steadfast refusal of the DNC or any of the Secretaries of State to require his birth certificate, which the Court will now not have to confront).

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