Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Article Two, Section One, Clause Five

Article Two, Section One, Clause Five: "BREAKING NEWS: Alabama seems to have the most clear-cut requirements for placing a name on the ballot that I've seen. I wrote a particularly pointed letter to the Honorable Jean Brown, Chief Legal Council at the Alabama Secretary of State's office. Here is the letter, in its entirety:

NOTE: The original letter was sent before it was intended to be. The following is the second email sent to Ms. Brown."

Note: We'd like to thank Jacqueline L. for sharing the discovery of this site. Jacqueline wrote:

Please review this site and all the postings--there are many useful facts about regarding who is responsible for checking the eligibility for the presidential candidates. One post talks about the case where during the January 20th election --objections to votes may be heard--if there is a signature from at least once senator and one member of the house of represenatives. Again, please look at all posts--very very helpful!

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