Monday, December 1, 2008

American Chronicle | Behind the Screwy Obama Birth Certificate Controversy

American Chronicle | Behind the Screwy Obama Birth Certificate Controversy: "Earl Ofari Hutchinson
November 30, 2008
At first glance it defied credulity that the staid, respected Chicago Tribune would do something as screwball as giving any credence to the issue of whether President-elect Barack Obama is really a U.S. citizen or not. But the Tribune will run not one but two big splashy ads paid for by a quasi libertarian outfit named based in Queensbury, New York. The group demands that Obama produce his original birth certificate with all the official markings and proper affixed signatures on it. The one that the Hawaii Department of Health officials made public last June was an electronic copy of the certificate." Read more.

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RatTrader said...

Of course this article was written by an author that is about to write a book about How Obama Won...yeah, well still no birth certificate.

Mal said...

Many people think Obama is a citizen but there should be a procedure to vet candidates for the office of President of the United States. If all this efforts results in such a process, a definition of "natural born citizen" and a review of each states electors, then that is actually a good thing for all of us.

aiya said...

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