Monday, November 3, 2008

What is the Deal on this Birth Certificate

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What is the Deal on this Birth Certificate: "The constitution demands “natural born” so as to mitigate the possibility of “divided loyalties” ***

Anyone can swear and sign the form to the registrar in Hawaii that they were a citizen of Hawaii and within the previous year gave birth. The individual gives the date/time of the birth and a document record is dually entered. Perhaps someone can inform as to whether you even need to show the baby! Doesn’t look like it from my read of the statute.

One can get a “Certification of Live Birth” with minimal documentation and no eyewitnesses. The date of birth can be any date the person enters! This document can then be used to establish citizenship for the purpose of obtaining a passport, but its lack of physically identifying information found on the 'Certification Of Live Birth' precludes it from being useful in proving 'Natural Born' status. I guess Obama thinks enough folks are so ignorant that he can get into the Whitehouse before too many find out."

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