Thursday, November 13, 2008

Update From Orly: Re: letter to the Governors, electors et al

USA Today Ad For Obama Records Extended Entries: "Update From Orly: Re: letter to the Governors, electors et al 11/12/08 11;32 pm

The whole point of the current constitutional crisis is in the fact that nobody checked the eligibility of the candidates. Please see Donofrio v Wells. This case is the second case in front of the Supreme court. Just like with any other state in the union, Nina Wells, Secretary of State of NJ completely abandoned her duties and posted on the ballot in NJ names of the candidates simply based on their statement, that they are eligible. Aside from Mr. Obama, who absolutely arrogantly refuses to release his Vault (long version) birth certificate, most probably created upon the statement made by his grandparents; NJ ballot also featured another candidate, that admitted to being born in Nicaragua. The secretaries of States that took the oath of office to uphold the constitution, are outrageously trampling on it, aiding and abeting fraud, that is a felony and is punishable by jail term, this behavior is bordering on treason. I have written a draft of the letter(draft #3) to be sent from We the People foundation to each and every law enforcement agency in each and every state, to each Governor, each secretary of State, each elector, each Congressman, Each Senator, each judge. it is in the attachment,I need an o'k from Bob Schultz to send it to"

Click here to access/read/use Orly's letter.

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