Saturday, November 29, 2008

Soetoro Divorce Papers Reveal Obama Was Adopted

Orly Taitz wrote:

We just got Soetoro divorce papers. Those show that the couple has 2 children, which means that Mr. Soetoro adopted BO and the school record, showing him as Barry Soetoro is correct. In his State bar application he stated that he never had any other names, he committed perjury, since he made the statement under oath. I believe that the application to be a candidate on the ballot was made under oath also and there is an ample evidence of perjury. Maybe an investigation can be started by a local DA or police or sheriff (starting from bottom up) . I called a former LA assistant DA. Maybe you know smbd in law enforcement, their investigation can give us more info, then the courts.Does anybody know anybody in law enforcement that will be willing to help?


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rosie said...

While newspapers expect this to some extent, the public records that is not wedded to one side of the fence or the other seemed to tire of the attacks.

aiya said...

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