Tuesday, November 25, 2008

(Still) Challenging Obama's Birth Certificate - Political Machine

(Still) Challenging Obama's Birth Certificate - Political Machine: "Of course, it won't be case closed. The challenges persist, and this is not even the only record of Obama's which is being challenged. Some blogs and websites, though as far as I can tell no major media outlets, are also suggesting that Obama's selective service registration was forged.

I would say that this is the last time you'll hear about the issue of the birth certificate, but I suspect it will make news again before the inauguration. There are cases pending, and people out there who intend to make noise. Besides that, it's clear some parts of this campaign will never die. We keep hearing about new 'Palin is dumb' rumors every day.

One other note. Phillip Berg is reportedly a Clinton man, and he's out there questioning Obama's eligibity. It's interesting that today we also discover questions about Hillary Clinton's eligibility for Secretary of State. The universe is an amusing place sometimes.

Can we please stop talking about Obama's birth certificate now?
Yes 322 (22.6%)
No 1103 (77.4%)

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pmoshay said...

It's not EVER going away until he produces it, trust me.

Pal, any Senator could have an aide phone a local/state agency, particularly one populated by supporters, and induce them to produce an "abstract" like BHO presented - in probably 20 minutes.

What he has presented is NOT A Birth Certificate, it's a recently generated abstract of "something" they supposedly have on file.

Barry O's (or whatever his name is this week) refusal to produce the long form original typewritten birth certificate, means something fishy is going on.

If there were no problem, he would release it (along with his Harvard records).

This is


what a early 1960's Hawaii Birth Certificate looks like. Email me when you have Barry's, okay!

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