Thursday, November 13, 2008

Kentucky Secy of State Admits It Has "No Authority" To Investigate

Kim Bagwell with KY Secy of State responded as follows:

ORLY's PROGRAM: "Ms. Hulsey,

In response to your inquiry. As a filing official, the Secretary of State does not determine qualification or eligibility of candidates. The Secretary of State's Office is ministerial in its duties. Our office has no legal authority to investigate the qualifications of a candidate or the information a candidate provides on his/her filing forms. For further guidance on challenging a candidate's qualifications, you may want to review Kentucky Revised Statute, Section 118.176. You can locate these statutes at: Click on Kentucky Laws, then choose the 'Title/Chapter' option and scroll down to 'Chapter 118'. You should be able to locate the previous mentioned statute there.

If we may provide any further assistance, please let us know.


Kim Bagwell

Well, folks, I guess it's up to the voters to determine qualifications or eligibility of candidates when the DNC or GOP fails to--it'd be nice though if the aforementioned would alert us before voting next time."

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