Sunday, November 9, 2008

Time to stop "electors" from picking a person who is not qualified to be chosen.

USA Today Ad For Obama Records Extended Entries: "If any of you would be interested in bringing a civil action in your State regarding the selection and election of a President of the United States of America, please let me know. I believe no less than 50 complaints will do the 10th Amendment justice. Only 'electors' actually vote for President and they do that by with slate of persons. In most States, the 'electors' are chosen by a popular vote by placing the name of a hopeful from one party or the other on the State election ballot. This ballot should not be confused with the elector ballot. Each hopeful has a list of names he selects to be his 'electors' in the event he wins a State popular vote election. Those electors are the true voters in the election and they can be stopped if you decide to stop them in your State. You do not need to overturn the general election but rather only the electors vote and its certification. Let me know. It is time the 'people' take control from the licenced attorneys and I cannot think of a better way than to force those attorneys, in each of the 50 States, to come into Court and argue Article II of the Constitution of the United States means nothing. That argument alone will cause ethics complaints against them in effor to revoke their license. Electors will meet in the respective States and vote by ballot. True the Constitution"

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