Sunday, November 2, 2008

Patriot Brigade Talk Radio Interviews Phil Berg

Patriot Brigade Talk Radio Network, Dwight Schultz, Lan Lamphere, Steve Kates, Tony Venuti, Talk Radio, Radio, Internet Radio, Talk Show, News, Entertainment, Streaming Radio | Patri: "You're listening to Lan Lamphere's Overnight AM Radio Show. Later this morning we're going to be doing a special segment with Phil Berg to update us for today, Sunday Nov 02, 2008. There is a possibility that we may have a few special guest that we're working on lining up right now. I'll update this page and the website in about two hours, if possible. Also, I've increased the audio stream rom 24Kbps to 56Kbps for your listening pleasure. I might have to put it back to 24Kbps later today if the amount of traffic to our website continues to increase. Listen for updates on the air as I can break in at any time. Drop me a email if you have a question for Phil that I can tackle today for all of you. Use the FAST BLAST HOST link below."

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