Sunday, November 9, 2008

Electors: Is an Electoral College or Court Challenge against Mr. Obama Justified?

USA Today Ad For Obama Records Extended Entries: "This issue has only intensified because Mr. Obama will not allow anyone access to certified copies of his records. He has perpetuated this crisis and you as an Elector can demand that he clear it up before your independent vote is cast.

1) 20th Amendment identifies the Electoral College as the place & time to challenge a candidates credentials (age and citizenship).

2) Despite much public demand, Mr. Obama has not provided access to a classic birth Certificate that proves the actual place of birth (Web site “short form” version simply does not address this question – He must deliver the certified long form – (See the critical difference for yourself below)

3) Electors have a right to request credentials of a candidate in Court and also before the Electoral College with Congress as adjudicators.

4) Electors have a duty to the country over any pledge to the party to vote their conscience. Voter intimidation by the party is illegal. If you could not act independent then your “vote” would be just a sham rubber stamp. You must be certain without a doubt that the candidate meets the Natural born and age requirements."

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