Monday, October 20, 2008

Send Email to Your Representative and Senators | Concerned American Voter

Send Email to Your Representative and Senators | Concerned American Voter: "Name not displayed | Sterling, VA
Mr. Obama, you have spent two years campaigning for the highest office in America. As an American Citizen I call upon you to put this matter to rest.

It's a simple matter to produce the original documents. The copy posted on the net is thought by many to be a fake----I don't know but am skeptical and here's why.

Having been married in Hawaii, not too many years after your birth, when I saw the net version of your certificate; I immediately went to the copies of our original marriage certificate. The original is on file with public records on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. That certificate is filled out in great detail with lines dividing the categories-----the copies I have of the original include all details with signatures of witnesses----there is noting left to question.

Whereas, the copy of your birth certificate posted on the net resembles an awards certificate that would be used to recognize a volunteer, either printable from the net or bought at the local office supply.

Time to put this to rest, one way or the other-----A Voter"

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