Thursday, October 23, 2008

Open Comments - Thursday Morning 10-23-08

Open Comments - Thursday Morning 10-23-08: "Just a few questions
written by Frank Baumann, October 23, 2008
This is for the Barrack Obama supporters.

First, I am a Christian and believe is not mine, nor anyone else’s, place to judge people. It is however, my place to help choose who I want to be President.

I think the government is to big, has too much power and should be drastically reduced. I know that we are losing our freedoms at am alarming rate. I have several friends that were born and raised in Europe and are now US citizens. They are shocked at how fast we are moving towards a European style Social Democracy.

Just a few questions.

Do you believe in censorship? Please just a simple yes or no.

Why are posts that question Barrack Obama’s past removed for left leaning Blogs?

Why do many newspaper and TV blogs censor questions about Barrack Obama’s past or are negative regarding Barrack Obama? Why are so many YouTube videos about Barrack Obama removed?

As you can see anti-Obama blogs do not censor you, they welcome all opinions.

What if Barrack Obama’s mother and Grandparents were Communist?
There is lots of evidence to suggest that. Would that affect your opinion of him?

By his own admission, Frank Marshall Davis was Barrack Obama’s was mentor. What do you know about him? Do 5 minutes of research then answer this question. Would let this man watch your kids? Why not?

As far as religion goes, answer this. By his own admission, Revered Wright taught Barrack Obama everything about being a Christian and was his spiritual mentor. What do you know about Black Liberation Theology? Five minutes of research.
Why did this “Christian/Black Liberation Theology” church give a lifetime achievement award to Nation Of Islam's Lois Farrakhan?

Why, as a sitting US Senator, did Barrack Obama travel to Kenya and campaign for his radical Muslim Cousin, Raila Amollo Odinga? Did you know that is against US Law? When Raila Amollo Odinga lost he incited riots and thousands of people were killed, Christian were burn in their Churches. Why did Barrack Obama support him? Is that a fair question?

If you look at the long list of people Barrack Obama has associated with since he was a child you will see a definite pattern. If you have kids would you allow them to hangout with a drug dealer? Bank robber? Terrorist? Gang-banger? Why not?

We all know why; the people you associate with, the books you read, the TV shows & movies you see, the video games you play, etc… will effect how you think!

If half of the information about Barrack Obama past is true would that affect your opinion? What if it is all true?

You are all smart people just do a few minutes of research.
Why is everything about Barrack Obama past a secret?

What if you are wrong?

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