Monday, October 20, 2008

Open Comments - Sunday Evening 10/19

"Here's his list of questions. Maybe some of you can call and what you are told.

I have been told that it is your committee that is responsible for making sure a candidate meets all the requirements to run for federal political office. So before I can vote for Mr. Obama I need to see authentic documents that show that:

1. Mr. Obama is a by birth USA citizen. The only posted documents that are on the internet by the LA Times and others are obviously a fraud.

2. Mr. Obama has not campaigned on behalf of his relatives in Africa that are Muslims who have locked Christians in their churches and then burned them all to death. Or that he sent them $800,000 US dollars to carry on the illegitimate warfare.

3. Mr. Obama has been telling us the truth about his involvement with Ayers, Accorn, and other crimianl political operatives in Chicago.

4. Mr Obama has a life between 8years old and when he first ran for the Senate. You do know that he has so far sealed all information about himself, his education, His drug use, His association with all kinds of low life people some even our enemies.

5. Mr. Obama is he constantly lying to us about his promises that he in no way can fulfill without bankrupting the country.

6. Mr. Obama tells us he is going to make the corporations pay increased taxes. Is he so uniformed that he doesn't know corporations don't pay taxes they just pass the expense on to us via the cost of their services and products. This only creates inflation and makes the poor poorer. Rich people don't care.

In other words who is Senator Obama. No one knows because all the information about him has been withheld with the exception of what few things we have been able to check all of which have been lies, half truths or hopelessly misleading.

Yours for less government and more honest information. Please Help us.

Lester Park

A California by birth and previously a California School Superintendent and a Napa California State College Board Member.

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