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I have a double degree in Political Science and Women's Studies. I am not an American. I have lived in South Korea for the last 3 years and 8 months, but originally come from Canada. Here is the whole Barack Obama citizenship thing, step by step, so that everyone understands and is no longer confused.

1. How can someone who claims to be born in Honolulu, Hawaii not have full American Citizenship? I know many South Korean mothers who have gone to the USA and come back with babies with "naturalised" American citizenship and passports, so that later on in life they can send their children to American schools without having to pay the foreign student prices. This is a very common practice, by many "well to do" Asians. It is called "birth tourism" or "maternity vacations".

2. How could he have picked up Kenyan citizenship if he was not born there? (On his "Fight the Smears" site, he states that he got Kenyan citizenship when he was born, because of his father). How can a child born in the USA to an American mother be given foreign citizenship automatically? This is not possible. It has to be applied for and approved of by a British consulate or government agency in Nairobi, Kenya, since he was born outside the country. (My guess is that they would not have approved of it, as his mother was not Kenyan or British). I have a best friend, in Canada, whose mother is British. Her mother had to apply and get approval of the British High Commission in London, to be declared eligible to travel on a British Passport and have subject status.

3. Did the USA allow for dual citizenship back when Obama was born? This is the crux of the issue. Because if it was not allowed and Obama was conferred Kenyan citizenship, then that solves the place of birth issue. He would have to have been born in Kenya.

4. He entered Indonesia as a Kenyan citizen, not an American, from what I can tell from the information that I have read. Why did he not enter as an American, if he was originally born in Hawaii, as he so often states? Again, the Kenya issue comes up again.

5. Until 2000, in order to go to school in Indonesia, one had to be a citizen of the country. Obama's mother RENOUNCED HER AMERICAN CITIZENSHIP and became an Indonesian, so did Obama, by virtue of his mother and new step-father. He lost his Kenyan citizenship then, not in 1982, as is stated above, as the country does not allow for dual citizenship at all. (I live in Asia and know for a fact that most of the countries here do NOT allow for dual allegiances under almost ALL circumstances).

6. So no more citizenship to Kenya, ever, and since his mother renounced her USA Passport and swore allegiance to Indonesia, he could never get his so-called "natual born" USA citizenship back.

7. It is known that througout his university days he traveled on an Indonesian passport, even went to Pakistan. It was some time after his university days that he must have applied for naturalisation papers, therefore proving the point that he is not a "natural born citizen". He is a naturalised citizen, even if he says he was born in Hawaii.

8. The birth certificate is a forgery. Also, how could he have used the birth certificate of his sister and claim it as his own? She was not born in Hawaii, but in Jakarta, Indonesia, on August 15, 1970. She is a full Indonesian citizen, thus if the Hawaiian birth certificate had Maya's name on it, underneath, then Maya must also have forged documents as well. This makes for a pretty interesting kettle of fish, I might add.

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