Monday, October 20, 2008

Comment From A Disabled Veteran

Mr. Obama,

I am a disabled veteran, and I am upset at you for not complying with a simple request. Every presidential candidate has always given access to his Tax records, Military records, Etc, so what makes you above the law? It looks like you are hiding something. You now admit on your website that you had dual citizenship. Where is your vault copy of your birth certificate, and why are you keeping it secret? John McCain provided his birth records after being questioned about citizenship. It is time we the people are heard loud and clear. This is a matter of national security. You need to produce the documents to prove you have the right to be our president. I think the reason you are hiding this is because you are a fraud. I think the way you have handled this, shows me how you would run Washington, more of the same. No change! The only hope you bring to the US, is we don't find out the truth. Prove to the American people you are a Natural Citizen.


Tom D

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MFT1284 said...

Please sign the petition to stop Obama.