Thursday, October 30, 2008

Response to Clear Channel communications and KFI 640 radio

Response to Clear Channel communications and KFI 640 radio

Dear Michelle Kube - Clear Channel, KFI AM 640

dear friends

In response to the e-mail from Michelle Kube, producer from the Clear Channel, I can state the following:
1.why there is no evidence of Obama being born in Hawaii? "I have in front of me a copy of his book Dreams of my Father. On page 26 it states " I discovered this article, folded away among my birth certificate and old vaccination records" It shows that Obama has an original birth certificate with the name and the signature of the doctor. In court it is called an admission against interest. Why is he refusing to show it to the American voters?

2.Why is his grandmother in Kenya is saying that he was born in Kenya, while his grandmother in Hawaii is suspiciously silent?
3. Why with all the legal actions filed around the country in State Superior courts and Supreme court, Obama didn't ask his grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, to take one minute of her time and tell reporters in what hospital was her grandson born?
4. Why is Obama refusing to give a consent to Queens hospital and Kapiolani hospital to provide a copy of his records?
5. Why did he go to Hawaii to make sure his Vault birth certificate is sealed?
6. Why is he refusing to provide any records in regards to his Indonesian citizenship?
7. Why is he hiding his passport and not letting American voters see the immigration stamps, showing with which passport did he travel to Pakistan in 1981, when there was a ban for US citizens to travel to Pakistan?

Dear Ms.Kube, l can tell by your last name, Kube, that it is a Muslim name and that either you or your spouse are a Muslim-American, most probably from Iraq and overwhelming majority of Muslim Americans, as well as African Americans support and vote for Barack Obama. I can understand this and I assure you that I personally have nothing against Muslim Americans or African Americans. I have very good friends that are either Muslim Americans or African Americans. I have a problem with Barack Obama being dishonest, hiding important information from American people, not answering basic questions and treating 300 million Americans like a herd of brainless sheep, that will be chanting O-Ba-a-a-Ma, without using their brains, without critical thinking, without daring to ask important questions and demand answers.

I used to listen to KFI radio and I used to like John and Ken show and Bill Handle show. I don't listen to it anymore and switched to KFMB 760 from San Diego. When Mike Savage from KFMB spent an hour and a half hosting Mr. Berg that is now continuing with his legal action of Berg v Obama and DNC in the Supreme Court, on your station John and Ken were talking about potholes in the asphalt (how utterly relevant). When Rick Roberts from KFMB was interviewing Dr. Jerry Corsi, (a PhD from Harvard, that provided evidence of close ties between Obama and Kenyan Radical-Muslim leader Raela Odinga) Bill Handle had no information about Corsi's arrest in Kenya and was claiming that Berg's case was dismissed by the date of the show, on October the 20th, while there was no decision from Judge Surrick until Friday evening the 24th. When I heard this, I've realized that you and other biased producers are supplying your talk show hosts with either incorrect information or no information and your shows are not worth listening. This letter is being forwarded to We the People and other organizations with over quarter of a million e-mail addresses. Each e-mail recipient forwards to at least 4 or 5 others. I would recommend that the listeners boycott radio and TV stations and news-papers that are biased and that are hiding the truth from the American people. Los Angeles times is one such example, in that it hides a videotape of Obama praising Rashid Khalili, known PLO spokesperson that compared Israeli parliament to Osama Bin Laden and called deputy secretary of state Wolfowitz crazy zionist. I would recommend to all of the listeners out there to tune out Clear Channel, to switch of the alphabet channels and CNN. The only ones that seem to be giving us any information; is FOX channel and radio shows of Mike Savage, Sean Hannity, Glen Beck and other similar shows.

when you start reporting the real news, when you will give us the truth about Obama and not potholes on the roads, we will come back

Orly Taitz

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