Sunday, January 4, 2009

Has our mightiest governing document been rendered worthless?

Has our mightiest governing document been rendered worthless?: "By Jerry McConnell Sunday, December 28, 2008

It looks like the mighty and powerful United States of America is going to be stymied by a slick-talking smoothie again. No, it’s not Jimmy Carter or Bubba Clinton but it is another one who can rattle off a cunning phrase about as well as anyone I’ve ever heard. And if Clinton was known as “Slick Willie” this new fellow will have to be known as “Brazen Barry”. The rest of his name is Hussein Obama.

How else can you describe someone who can stand up to the entire citizenry of this great country of three hundred million residents and when asked to do something, simply say that he won’t do it? And even more brazenly, go completely against a U.S. Constitutional directive while even our omnipotent Supreme Court hasn’t got the power or directives to order compliance. The only man in the history of our country that is mightier than the highest court in our land; simply by refusing to comply." Read more.


Ted said...


1. Constitution Article II requires USA President to be “natural born citizen”.

2. BHO’s website admits his dad was Kenyan/British, not American, citizen when BHO was born.

3. BHO is therefore not a “natural born citizen” (irrespective of Hawaiian birth or whether he may be a 14th Amendment “citizen” of USA) — confirmed in the Senate’s own McCain qualification resolution (that both parents must be citizens of USA) co-authored by BHO.

4. Supreme Court has already docketed two upcoming conferences, 1/9/09 and 1/16/09 — between dates Congress counts electoral votes (1/8/09) and Presidential inauguration (1/20/09) — to address Berg Case and fashion relief on BHO’s eligibility to be President.

5. Since the fact of BHO's dad being Kenyan/British not in dispute, Supreme Court rules on Summary Judgment to enjoin BHO’s inauguration as President.

6. Therefore, BHO is not inaugurated as President.

7. Vice President Elect Biden is inaugurated Acting President under the 20th Amendment to serve until new President is determined — the procedure for which determination to be set out by Congress and/or the Supreme Court so long as in conformance with the Constitution.


IF, when counting the electoral votes, Congress WERE TO find by 1/8/09 that Obama -- not being an Article II “natural born citizen” (father Kenyan/British, not American) -- fails to qualify as President, Biden would become the full fledged President under 3 USC 19 (free to pick his own VP such as Hillary) AND THERE WOULD BE NO NEED FOR DEFERRAL TO THE SUPREME COURT to enjoin Obama’s inauguration relegating Biden to being merely Acting President under the 20th Amendment until a new President were duly determined.

(The preferable choice, at least for the Democrats, would seem obvious.)

Jasper James said...

Vetting is a process of examination and evaluation, generally referring to performing a background check on someone before offering him or her employment. Without Vetting the Election Process is a mockery. Barry has prevented a proper vetting of his eligibility by sealing relevant documents about his past life such as his BC, Passports, School Records, Parental Passports, Parental Marriage Documents, Parental Divorce Documents and much much more. Some say that his COLB “Proves” he was born in Hawaii, but does it really? Is it not possible that he born at home, or Kenya, or Canada, or who knows where and then “registered” his birth? The only way to know for sure would be to look at the BC. Some say that the records that he has sealed are “Private”. But what is so private about any of these records anyway? Nancy Pelosi has signed a document that says that Obama is “qualified” for the job as President, but what did she do to verify that fact? Has any official come forward and said the checked out his records, his BC, his passports, his adoption records and verified the truth? Has the FBI done this? If so- why not state for the record that he is qualified- but better let the people see the records so they can be satisfied for themselves that the man they have selected for the most important job in the World is qualified – and that he is not hiding something that he can be blackmailed for. We the people of these United States demand to Know, demand to have a open Government, and demand to see all records unsealed.

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