Saturday, January 3, 2009

Devvy Kidd -- OBAMA: What is going on with the Electoral College?

Nance from wrote:

WOW.. what about this?? Can the electoral college delegates not vote?? If Obama only has 170 electoral votes and requires 270 to get elected, what next? I understand that they can vote for whomever they wish and not have to vote with the populace. Will they not be able to inaugurate Obama?? VERY interesting times for sure. Nothing like this has ever happened before. The Zionists NWO folks must be at their wits end with people finally waking up and not cooperating with their agenda. Like my good friend, Tom, says, trying to control us is like herding cats...impossible.

Devvy Kidd -- OBAMA: What is going on with the Electoral College?: "Electoral college delegates. Something strange here: 'I checked the Official U.S. Electoral College website today to get an idea of the votes that have come in to date. I was prompted to do this after entertaining the following questions on my blog wall from Lisa Karres...Here are a few questions for you:.Currently, Obama only has received 170 electoral votes. The deadline for submitting the votes was last week. Congress will meet on January 8th. Can Congress over-ride the Delegates if they did not give Obama his minimum required of 270? I am told this is the first time in history that many Delegates did NOT report in or submit their votes by the deadline. I have been told that Indiana ALL voted 'Present' and cast zero votes. Can SCOTUS over-ride the delegates and just make Obama POTUS?'" Read more.