Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Now Is Not The Time For Profit, Everybody

Now Is Not The Time For Profit, Everybody: "President Obama spoke yesterday and told us all what time it was. And, apparently, none of us ever need to work again, because now is not the time for profits. I guess I’ve been wrong all these years, because I’ve always thought that was the reason that businesses were in business.

Well, so business and commerce in this country are not to make a profit, as per the president. Hmmm. I’m trying to follow this, but am having some trouble. If a business doesn’t make a profit, then how do they stay in business? How would they get to a position where they don’t need any more government handout money?" Read more.


Arlen Williams said...

Marxists like Obama and his parents have a basic and willful ignorance of how life works. Marxism is based upon the Hegelian fallacy of making up new principles which do not really exist.

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